The Black Veil

The Story Line

The setting is Earth. The vampires reign over their own and other immortals while maintaining the charade of secrecy called 'The Black Veil'; to be shadows, myths that must never become real to the majority of mortal people they live beside. The vampiric leaders control many police districts and government offices and very few humans are seldom even aware of it. Those who are tend to be controled by dominating powers. Demons and lycanthrope which also live behind the Black Veil resent being ruled over by the vampires, and some refuse to obey vampiric edicts, maintaining their own anarchist societies from which new factions arise. Opposing the immortals are militant revolutionaries, who have formed secret regimes and factions, and while these groups have humans commanders, they are joined by allied crusader bloods, or other immortals who use these militant groups for their own agendas. These revolutionaries fight against forces which are superior to them in almost every way, and yet they do uncover ways to defeat them. Vampire, Beast-Kin, Crusaders, and Demon Kin slayers are in high demand and are well paid if they can prove how many kills they have counted by the fangs, skulls, or claws they have collected from their victims. Behind the veil of everyday living Mercenary hunters stalk the streets counting coup while the immortals fight for power in a constant political struggle which decides who shall rule over each region.

Prince Armanius De'Denoir of the Mondego Clan, rules the Southern Regions of the United States, while Prince Vincent Cassadora of the Nephremkhet Clan, whose headquarters is in Las Vegas, rules over the Central and Western United States. There are two vampiric crime lords in the United States as well, Prince Sebastian Delagato and Nuno Scarvazi of the Allegro clan rule over the north east region of the United States. Sebastian rules over, New York City, Washington DC and Baltimore, while Nuno rules over Salt Lake City, Chicago, and Boston. The Allegro clan has discovered the secret of hiding their blood from other Anubians, a feat owed to Nuno and his adeptness and obsession with necromancy and ancient occultism.

London is the center for Prince Vlad Tepish and his Regent Covinus, who is England's highest vampiric authority, while France and Greece alike are commanded by Theodora Cura of the Marseilles Clan. Italy is under the rule of Francesco Regato of the Allegro Clan. Ruling over Romania is Vassile Vulcan, and ruling over Russia is Alberto Petrova of the Vangarian Clan, while Arabia is ruled by the Magi tribe of Khentkaus, who is led by Prince Ali Hasan. Ruling over Africa is Prince Kalid Bobuto, one of the few lycanthrope overlords who rules over the northern provinces, and his daughter Princess Niaj Egarda, who reigns over the southern provinces. The are felid lions. A very Elusive clan of Deimos vampires in Ireland is ruled by Princess Becuma Eithne, a fourth generation vampire of very ancient heritage. She and her clan are very elusive and secretive about what they are, a habit derived from living on a small Isle. These vampires are very powerful in the dark arts of disguise, and skilled at taking on new identities.

There are only two werewolf packs in the United States, and both were established ages ago, The Dakota Pack, which rules the lycanthrope nation in Nevada, Arizona, and the Dakotas, and the Crow Pack which reigns over the lycanthrope in Washington State, Michigan, Montana, and Parts of Canada. Of all the supernatural creatures in the USA, the lycanthrope, and the shape-shifters are the most elusive and secretive. The American Lycanthrope, most of them out of native americans, take little interest in the affairs of vampires and humans, although they are enemies to demons, who they believe should should be confined to the Lower Kingdoms. They defend their Native American brothers feircely, and occasionally a lycanthrope will make a habit of assisting other innocents who come under attack of supernatural races. The American Lycanthrope are very selective in who they sire, and never force a human into becoming a part of their packs. Those rengade, or lone wolf beast-kin, who do force the change on someone, are hunted if the act is discovered. Lycanthrope packs and prides are more common, and larger, in Europe, South America, Romania, Russia, Scandinavia, and Africa. See Lycanthrope page for the main packs and prides.

Demons maintain secret societies, and three very powerful clans control the human criminal elements in Chicago and Salt Lake City, Atlanta and Miami, and Los Angelus and Las Vegas. These demon operated Syndicates run in opposition to the Allegro mobs quite often. Not all demons are criminal however, and live peacefully among humans and vampires, while still others run black markets and slave trading operations.

Blood is bought and sold on the market by vampires to disuade other vampires from hunting and killing healthy mortals, while the sick, the rebels, the addicts, and the destitute risk falling prey to the predators they share their world with. Those vampires who cannot drink blood that has been packaged, must leave any healthy chosen victims alive, or face the consequences if caught killing their prey. Some vampires offer human blood for a price, both bottled and from live people, and have even opened underground blood bars for profit, discovering that such clubs or bars are very profitable. Laws were established to mandate that such businesses were licensed and legal by vampiric standards, to help curtail slave markets.

Any immortal or ancient who dishonors the laws of the immortal covenant placed themselves at risk of being hunted by vampiric enforcers. See The Laws of the Covenant on the laws page. The Black Veil is likely the most strictly enforced law.

The renegades, mortal and immortal alike, threaten the peace, as government funded militias and elite military operations threaten the balance and the Black Veil. WAVE, was an operation which meant War Against the Vampiric Empire, and was cause to the destruction of many human and immortal lives during intensive hunts which took place between 1980 and the mid 2000s. Sons and daughters who were born to WAVE soldiers, have joined these military coalitions as well, these soldiers calling themselves Colation of (COM). Theirs is a large and growing militant operation, with bases all over the world, and secret government allies from almost every nation, who have pit themselves once again against all non-human kind. They have become an organized faction of slayers, who infiltrate havens with spies, assassinate them by ambush, use the sun to kill those they can, or hunt them down on the streets one by one.