Laws, Rules, and Codes

Human Law

England: All laws of courte apply (as they apply in the real world) Law breakers caught will be taken to jail and tried for their crimes. Note: It is illegal to own guns in England, unless registered for hunting, and only hunting types of guns can be owned with full integrity of their barrels. No military type guns. No machine, submachine, automatic, semiautomatic, rocket launchers, etc., can be owned by the public. To do so is considered a serious felony and crime of treason. The British Secret Service and Military alone in England have a license to carry Military guns. The police in England do not even carry guns.

Laws of the Ancients

The ancient Covenant laid down by Vampires and Lycanthrope in ancient times to be obeyed always.
The Black Veil: Non-Human people must never reveal themselves to the Human race. To do so is to invite death on yourself and war upon the Ancient races. Act as a human among humans, that panic and alarm not raise them in fear against us. Immortals must remain as shadows and myths. Inducting thralls and progeny as permitted by a clan leader is the only exception allowed to this law in order to propagate a race.
Respect Haven: To Willfully trespass on Haven property without asking permission, or being invited, is to invite death.
Respect your Counterparts: never kill a human or another of your kind unless to defend yourself or your own, and never feed from a human to kill unless they are a detriment to their species. Never leave any evidence of the hunt behind, for do so is to break the Veil.
Heritage Law: It is forbidden to force another to be reborn as your kin. This is an act of cruelty and gives birth to chaos and enmity. Anyone who forces another to be reborn as their kin shall be hunted to their death. Sire no progeny without approval of the clan elders, for to do so is an act against the bond and blood of clan and has resulted in the over-siring of the vampiric race, abandoned and untaught children. Death is the penalty for unlawful Siring.
The Hierarchy: Always honor and respect your elders, for the old are wiser than the young. Learn from your elders as they may learn from you.
Abandon No Child: Abandon no child that you bring into this world, and teach them the law and how to master their gifts. To abandon your child is to bring shame on yourself, and to risk the hunt on yourself and your abandoned progeny.

Vampiric Code of Honor

Territorial Law: When entering into the territory of another, present yourself to the Leader of that province, and request permission to reside or visit within that territory.
Honorable Victory and Defeat: Accept honorable surrenders, and act with honor when defeated.
Obediance: Obey the laws of your kind and of your Elders.
Martial Law: If challenging a leader to overtake their rule, meet with that leader and state your terms of contest, victory and defeat.
Fealty: Honor, Protect and Speak Truthfully to your clan, friends and allies. Do not betray those who you have pledged your promises to.
Honored Enemies: Treat a worthy enemy with respect, even if they must die.

The Ten Laws of the Pack (and Pride)

Observe Gaia: Respect the Natural Cycle and do not take from the earth more than you give.
Submit to the Veil: Never reveal yourself as a Lycanthrope to humankind, to do so is to bring destruction on yourself and others.
Obey the Law of Hierarchy: Obey your Elders and Alphas for the good of the pack. Any pack member or lone wolf may challenge a leader to a contest for the Alpha rank in the pack. The contest may be one of strength or cunning as the challenger dictates. Challenge no leader in times of war unless the leader is incompetent and the pack rules that it is so.
Union of Mates: Breed only with mates that are not lycanthrope, for mated pairs of Lycanthrope bear malformed offspring which encourage attack and misery. It is cruel to bring such offspring into the world.
Combat the Serpent: Let no spawn of the Serpent (demon) come before your eyes, or into your heart, without attempting to kill it or drive it back beneath the black curtain from whence it came, and do not surrender yourself to the Serpent's influences. Trust no vampire, for they too are servants of the dragon.
Natural Law of the Hunt: Hunt only for the feast and do not prey on humans or wolves, for they are our cousins. Kill only what you need to nourish yourself in the hunt, and kill humans only to protect yourself and the pack. First share of the kill must be offered to the Alpha, for the Alpha is the pack's strength and must remain healthy, to offer first share is to honor your leader.
Respect Territorial Boundaries: Do not tread on the territory of another pack without approval, and leave their boundaries if asked to leave. To do otherwise is to challenge their pack and leader.
Accept an Honorable Surrender: If in combat and the other bears their throat to you in surrender, show them mercy and let them live, to claim your victory honorably.
Die in Peace: When you have grown sick and weary with age and wounds, do not suffer your pack to be burdened with you. Return to the wilds as a wolf to die, or to human society to die as you choose, or beg for your flesh to be taken by your pack.
Respect the Den: Never tread into a den or haven unless invited. To do so is to shame yourself and walk with death.