Vampire Information

This information pertains to all vampires unless their race stats state otherwise.  SL players should use this information as a guide to gauge a vampire's reactions to various conditions.

Vampiric Ranks

Progenitor: Originator of a clan.
Primogen, Primogeniture (pl.): Low generation vampires, generations 2-5 or oldest surviving members of a clan.
Prince: Appointed leader of a city, region or province.
Premier: Elected clan sect leader under a Prince.
Regent: Prince's successor and second-in-command.

Guide to Proper Siring

1-Chosen subject is drained of blood to edge of death.
2-Chosen subject is imbued with vampire's blood in the amount of about 1/2 cup or five pulses of a slit wrist per generation
3-Subject's body dies.  There is a 5% chance that subject will not survive the siring process and will remain dead.  If subject is unhealthy, this rises to 10%.
4-Subject is reborn out of darkness, either the shadow realm, the abyss, acheron, or the dead realm, after lying in a sleep of death from 3 hours to three days as called. Rebirth can take 1-3 weeks if subject nearly died (was within 3 points of death percentage at 3pt/1wk, 2pt/2wk, 1pt/3wk). Take +1 stat or power related flaw or taint per week held in stasis of death.
5-Subject has a terrible thirst for blood upon awakening.
6-Note about Child Vampires:  vampires sired from children, which remain children so long as they live, are often hunted by other vampires, such hunts are considered merciful.  It is dangerous to a child vampire to be what they are, and as such they can become resentful, bitter, and dangerously imbalanced.

Feeding Requirements

Unless stats state otherwise; use these guidelines
1-New Bloods: require one gallon of blood per day for the first week.
2-New Bloods: requires four gallons of blood per week for the first month after.
3-Vampires: requires two gallon of blood per week.
4-Vampires: can sustain their health at 50% HP, stamina, movement and strength on two gallons of blood per month, but they feel hungry for 3 weeks out of each month.
5-Ancient Vampires: 500+ years old can get by twice as long on the same amount of blood.

Blood Loss

1-When blood requirement is not met after a month:  Physical Checks and HP drop 10% per day without a meal. 
2-When stamina reaches 0 vampire falls unconscious.   When HP is at 0 vampire lies in death like state of cold torpor.
3-When blood loss occurs from injuries: torpor occurs when HP reaches 0.
4-When blood loss occures from blood drains: -1 stamina per ace, cold torpor occurs when HP reaches 0.  If HP falls to -100 +, petrification occurs.
5-Blood Intake Restores: 50% HP, stamina and overall physical health per gallon, and 25% per two quarts, unless torpor or petrification occurs.
6-Torpor is cured when: HP is fully restored by blood at +100 HP per gallon of blood.  or when vampire has recovered over a period of time = to 200 years - regeneration level.
7-Petrification is cured when: vampire is submerged and soaked in a blood bath for one week and given blood as with torpor afterwards.  This feat is difficult to achieve because it requires so much blood, and because blood in bath must be kept fresh and not spoil.


Diabolism (n.), diabolize (v.), diaboliter (inhabitant).
A crime or punishment perpetrated by one vampire upon another in which the victim is completely exsanguinated, resulting in petrification. Diaboliter gains one power or advantage and one curse or disadvantage not previously associated with their clan. In order for the diaboliter to gain power from the act, the victim must be of greater age (level) than the diaboliter.

Vampiric Variations


Levels 1-15
A Blood Thrall is created by a Slight draining of blood and giving of a larger amount of vampire's blood to the thrall. Amount of blood is dependant on generation of Regent's blood. One pint per generation required. Blood thralls have no fangs. They can eat food. They are quasi-immortal and stop aging and 'live until death,' but although they have weak regeneration, they can die by mortal wounds, and a painful death of blood starvation within a month without their master's blood. Blood Thralls must feed once a week to maintain their strength, they are utterly dependant on their regent's blood. They can learn three levels of their regent's powers, and up to five levels if 500 years old or older. The bond of thrall to regent is very powerful. Power of Bond = Siring and Bonding Level = # d6 + Willpower Boost vs. Willpower of Thrall.

Stats: Half of their Regent's (maker's) base bonus stats, added to human checks, including Fortitude and Regeneration. Thralls are quasi-immortal and can perish by mortal wounds.

Arcane Paths: Same paths as Regent up to Level 9, or 15 at 500+ years old, in each path.

True Born Vampires

True Born Vampires are vampires born out of vampire parents. Very specific Enchantments and the knowledge of those enchantments, or the inborn trait to allow this, are required for true borns to occur.

Levels 1-40

True borns are very rare and in WQ can ONLY occur with very specific enchantments. A True Born is a vampire that was created by conception and carried in the mother's womb rather than being Sired. Acheron's True Borns can not be conceived AT all, unless the Lord of Acheron or an Elder Vampire of Acheron is given rights to the enchantments, casts a specific fertility spell on the mated couple, using triggers and contingencies to specify time of conception. The Undead have no life spark to engender Life, even unlife with. They are Barren. That is one reason why Vampires Sire. True Borns cannot be born by natural labor, for this causes an exchange of blood and an attack of negative energies by the mother's body trying to reject the "danger" that will Kill the child, which in effect either kills the mother or damages her severely due to the presence of a dead child in her body, which pollutes her immediately. They must be delivered before the child enters the birth canal by a Womb Gate spell which aids also in healing the mother of her changes to accomodate the child, also cleansing the baby as it is delivered by this magical birth. True borns are VERY powerful, and most Sired Vampires despise them out of fear. They are highly intelligent, learn their powers at an amazingly increased rate, and have a natural knack for teaching themselves to Master their Born With Powers, and they inherit both parents Born With Abilities and Magic Traits. They are to be feared. They tend to be "carefully" brought up, which if real care is not taken, can result in Vampire Brats with exceptional skills, some might refer to as Elite Snobs. Due to their Genius True Born are prone to being schemers. They are never ashamed of taking evasive action in their strategy, or attacking indirectly, for logic dictates a fool would go in with guns blazing when they could use more covert methods. By the time they mature to adult-hood, their power often exceeds their parents. Their aging is hasted, they age at one year for every month and their aging Halts anywhere between 16 and 27 years of age tops. These Vampires are usually beautiful in their human appearance, male or female, which adds to their charms. Even the most arrogant of the True Born have charms that are seldom rivaled. True born are always born one generation below the Lowest Generation of their parents.

Weaknesses Heritage Weaknesses: they share the same vampiric flaws as their parents combined. Feared: By some vampires or clans Despised: By some vampires or clans Distrusted: By most vampires or clans

Stats: Based on their Parent's stats, taking highest of the two, one generation under the lowest Generation parent.

Arcane Paths: Same as their Parents combined, up to 6 full Paths, and 240 Spells.

Inferai :: Half Vampires

Child born of a vampire and a human. These offspring of vampires can only occur if special enchantments are used, or if a vampire race is capable of producing such a child

Levels 1-30

Half Vampires are very rare. They are born with the same mortality as their subrace, or non-vampiric parent, mature at a human rate, and when they die it triggers a vampiric rebirth.   This can bring trouble if an inferai dies as a child, because child vampires are often hunted by other vampires.  Inferai are almost always born without the subrace parent even knowing their child was half vampire. If the Veil is broken to conceive such a child, the human parent and the child must be hunted down and killed by vampiric law. Inferai do not rely on or crave blood until they are reborn as vampires.

Stats:  Start with human stats, add vampire stats after transition to vampirism occurs.

Arcane: Same as their vampire parent's but as Limited Paths, or 90% fixed MR without Arcane.

Malekai :: Angelic Vampires

Levels 3-40

Angelicans can only be sired while in mortal transition after their fall. Once they have made the transition to Immortality, they cannot be sired. There are only two exceptions, and that is if either Lucifer (their creator) sires them, or they become mortal again before being sired.

Stats: Stats of Angelican in Angel form, and Vampire Race in vampiric form, stats combining in some places if certain vampiric traits or abilities are tapped in angelic form, or vice versa.

Arcane Paths: Paths of their Sire, Paths of Angelicans of their Order.

Mordeus :: Ascended Vampire

Mordeus (mor-day-us) are vampires ascended into a Lich, Demon, Devil, or Demigod

Levels 30-40, Demigod level 36 +

Information: One word - Dangerous. Do not cross these guys and gals unless you want to take a long dirt nap, or much worse...


For Demons: Choose Demon type and add demon stats and any demon paths to vampire stats and spell book.
For Devils: Add Acolyte Devil stats to vampire stats and any devil paths to spell book.
For Liches:  See Lich types and choose from one of those listed, or create and submit your own Lich with a phylactory (which he stores his vital force and source of power in), and add 3 paths of power to Spell Book. Liches gain no check increases, only power and a phylactory and the ability to reach Level 44 (Max Level) in Power with +4 d6 Magic Bonus.
For Demigods: see gods bonuses, add to vampire stats, ability to attain level of 44.

Arcane Paths: Spell Book of up to 5 Spells per level. Any Path but White Wizard or Holy.