RP Locations and Descriptions

Club Underground

Private,'Vampires Only' club in London.
Non-vampires MUST be accompanied by a vampire member of the club. Owned by a vampire named Balthor Hendrassi.
Vampiric Employees: Bar Tenders-Nathan and Ferula (f). (NPC) Bouncers-Dominic, Maro and Gaza (Hammer) all (NPCs.)
The club stocks fine liquors, wines, imported beer, and has blood slaves on call, and they also serve bottled blood.
Description: Located off a subway tunnel that is no longer in use on the eastern outskirts of the Lower London. Accessed through a door that is very hard to distinguish from the wall of the tunnel the door opens from. It is in a seldom frequented part of the London underground and has an emergency exit into another tunnel. Bouncers check people in the antechamber, which is accessed from the entrance, then a narrow hall leads to a cozy but very elegant bar room with private booths, a very nice bar, the area accented in black with candles on tables and lantern style lights illuminating the room. There are also private parlors for members to entertain guests in. There are six very well paid Blood Providers at the blood bar. Members pay a yearly fee of three-thousand Euros that covers drinks and privacy. Privacy is Guaranteed. Nothing spoken or seen in Club Underground leaves the Club by its employees and Owner.

Club Elysium

Location: New Orleans.
Owned by: Rhiannon Decasey.
Bouncers: Jarvis (vampire), Dimitri (vampire), Yosef, and Gerrard (demon brothers), and Tiberious Decasey (twin brother of Rhia).
Bar Tenders: Serving drinks at the main bar is Chloe (thrall), Chase (thrall), and Gene (vampire), and serving drinks at the island bar is Candice (felid leopard), and her brother Kanja (felid-leopard lycanthrope).
Hours: Doors open at 10:00 PM and close at 5:00 AM. They serve alchohol until 4:30 and cooked food until 3:30 AM. The clean up crew comes in during the day to clean, and are supervised by a trusted friend of Rhia's.
Description: Located in New Orleans' Warehouse District, this club is one of New Orleans hottest night spots among the dance and party crowds. The club is in a large, three story warehouse that has been remodeled into a club. The main floor has two bars, a dance floor, a stage, and a billiards and darts room. Monday through Wednesday, DJs mix techno and hip hop dance beats on the stage. Thursday is Blues Night, when local blues, and legendary New Orleans blues muscians play. On Friday and Saturday nights, live bands play. Among them is the popular band Forsaken Tribute who has toured for years in sold out venues, and recorded 12 hit albums. Rob Lyons, who is Rhia's progeny, is the lead singer of the band. Other popular rock, metal, hip hop, goth, and alternative bands hit the stage in Club Elysium as well. There is one entrance in the front of the club, beneath a crimson awning, and two emergency exits in the north and south walls of the club off the spacious dance floor. All other doorways are off-limits. There is a large store room and band practice room behind the stage and bar. Anyone who tries to enter private areas and the upper floors does so at their own risk. On the second floor is a security booth with two way mirrors that overlook the club below, as a well as the club office. The club has security cameras covering all the doors and the club area itself, and the Building is also warded with command gates and other powers that are triggered on command. There are apartments and bedrooms for employees on the second story, three large bedrooms and Rhia, Rob and Tiber's spacious four bedroom apartment on the third story.

Club X-Tech

Location: New York and London: In Lewisham, on the docks of the Thames.
Description: This huge club is locked down tight during daylight and has tight security. Club X-Tech is in a warehouse with seven floors, the 5th-7th floors private. The Owner as well as many of his employees live on site. There are four levels that are each oriented to a certain type of crowd and music, each floor one of X-Tech's 'subclubs' with multiple levels and bar rooms. Place has variable atmospheres as well to suite almost any club hound's personality and tastes for entertainment. Each floor has its own bar. The bar on the main floor is on a stage beneath the balcony, with a good view of the front door, where four bouncers watch the crowd and the door. The main floor has four bouncers, while the bar tenders double as bouncers on the other floors.
Main floor: Gothic Rave. This floor is set up for a goth/punk/death metal and industrial crowd with lazer light shows and a mosh pit.
Floor Two: Rebel's Den. This floor is for rap/hip hop and techno hounds and also has light shows.
Floor Three: Paradise Club. The third floor is set up for a classical rock and blues crowd, and has a stage where exotic dancers perform.
Fourth Floor: The Asylum: The fourth floor is split between a paint ball and lazer tag labyrinth called the Asylum, where gun deprived kids can have mad fun, and gun packing party fiends can get plenty of practice at perfecting their aim with harmless game weapons.
Fifth Floor: The VIP Lair. This floor is VIP for Gambling, Billiards, Darts and Lounge with Plasma Screen TV. A large balcony with tables overlooks the River Thames.
Sixth Floor: Private floor with apartments and rooms for employees.
Seventh Floor: Private floor with apartments for clan members and clan retainers.

Bar Tenders:
1st Floor: Rocky-(female)-vampire, Flavor-(female)-Rocky's Thrall, Fist-(male)-Rogue Vampire, Mocha-(female) Nichi's Thrall, Rave-(Kierstian, female, DJ and bar tender) Lycanthrope.
Bouncers: Marco-(male) vulcan vampire, Nichi-(male) vulcan vampire, Calx-(male) Marco's ghoul, Kumin-(male) felid lion, Cabron-(male) lupus.
2nd Floor: Warp-(male) vampire, Bullitt-(male) rogue vampire, Chazer-(male) Bullitt's Ghoul, Jesus-vampire.
3nd Floor: Jazz-(male) werewolf, Mick-(male irish) wulfgar vampire, Ice-(female) Mick's ghoul, Fang-(male) werewolf.
4th Floor-Asylum: Striker-(male) lycanthrope-tiger, Sticks- (male) avari vampire
5th Floor Bar: Serg-(male) vulcan vampire, Slipknot-(male) Serg's Ghoul, Hector-(male) vulcan vampire.
Owned by: Louis Deleon, 4th Generation Vulcan Vampire (played by ITackForSnacksI. All other NPC are available to be picked up as PCs by players. Contact JD or Willow if interested in playing a club x-tech employee or clan member)

The Java Hut

Located in London City, London. Owned by Jillian Frank.
Bakers: Rachael Underwood and Miles Moore.
Hours: 9:00 PM-10:00 AM.
Servers: Tye Kensington, Donna Holbrook, and Jamie Doherty. Other employees come and go.
Description: This coffee shop in on the corner of Hyde Park and has tables outside and a cozy cafe indoors. The service is warm and friendly to all walks of life. They keep all night and morning hours and are closed for the afternoons and early evenings. They serve spiked coffee of all kinds as well, from irish coffee, to coffee and Kailua, and their own famous, rum butter rum.

Street Side Pub

Located in London City, London. Owned by Senen (shawn) and Moira Keen.
Tenders: William Doherty, Babette Loreau, and Densil Parker.
Hours: 11:00 AM-3:00 PM.
Description: This outdoor/indoor pub is on the corner across from Regent's Park with marble tables outside and a pub of rich wood and brass finishings indoors, with an old fashioned tap room. The service is friendly and quick. They keep late night hours and serve food up until they close, and clear the pub to lock the doors an hour after closing. They are closed on Sundays. They serve all kinds of English, Irish, and German ales, stouts, and beer, fine wines, and liquors. They serve delicious and hardy stews, chili, chowder, soup, fish and chips, burgers, club sandwhiches, and various appetizers including baked potatos, cheese sticks, fried mushrooms, and fried and steamed vegis. They specialize in delicious Mint Julips, made with and garnished with fresh sprigs of spearmint grown by the owner and his wife Moira. The Street Side Pub features Traditional Irish Bands and plays Traditional Irish music.

London Dinner Theatre

Located in Ealing. Open to public.
Description: Place has a stage that is surrounded by tables on three sides where Thespians perform plays. Various areas are quartered off by colemns where other tables are stationed. Place has two bars on main floor, an island bar, and horseshoe bar not far from the stage. Above is a balcony with private opera booths for Vampire members of the club, sound from above does not carry below. Each booth has a large table and phone to call the balcony bar. Food at the Dinner Theater is excellent. Classical Orchestras performs between plays. Club Owned by a Userkaf Vampire named Michael Kensith (NPC.)
NPC Employees:
Tenders: William, Jackson, Waitresses - Karen, Natasha, Kimberly.
Hostess: Elizabeth-Beth. (Players may apply for all of these characters.)

The London Lair

Lycanthrope Sanctuary of London
Hours: 11 p.m.-6 a.m. Sunday-Friday; 9 p.m.-5 a.m. Saturday
Age: 21+
Cover: 6 Thursday-Saturday 5 Monday-Wedsday

Dress: They have no dress code, though most nights the crowd tends to favor the gothic scene, due to the facade Niculaie put on the club. Many "sophistocated" Lycanthropes have been known to show up in the club, as have those seen as vagabonds or loners.

Vibe: The environment is relatively welcoming, if you've come with the intention of having a few drinks, though troublemakers are not well recieved, nor are those who are not lycanthropes.

Quick tour: Two Story underground club that used to be a silver mine. Club is accessed through a manhole like mine-shaft from a vacant lot, surrounded by a chain link fence and tall warehouses. The entire area is owned by Razvan Niculaie, including the warehouses. Not far from Movie Theater in Islington Borough of London. Bars on both floors, dance floor on main floor, dance stage for exotic dancers. Music varies widely, but tends toward heavy metal and industrial. They throw repeat offenders into what they call 'the hole' which is actually an old slues that they toss offender into, who slide down a slippery wet tube into the sewer 40 feet below the club. (whoever has the bolt ejects anyone who ignores warnings against fighting, after bouncers rally to throw them into 'the hole'.) Not a good place for anyone who is NOT a Lycanthrope to venture, and only werewolves KNOW where the place is.

Proprieters and Staff:
(All NPCs listed are available for play upon consent from GM *=Played Character)
Razvan*-Owner, Tender, and Bouncer-Werepanther. Yoseph-Bouncer and Bar Tender-Werewolf, Dimitri-Bouncer-Werewolf. Jimmy-Bouncer-Werewolf. Bridget-Waitress and Bouncer-Weretiger (a slender beauty to beware). Brian Balfour-Weekday DJ. Armand Stewaurd-Weekend DJ and Bartender. All employees of the London Lair will hire themselves as bouncers at will to dispose of troublemakers.

Music: Razvan's DJs play a wide variety of music, ranging from Primal Industrial and Gothic Rave to Celtic Traditional and Egyptian Instrumental.

Rules of the Game: Only Lycanthropes are really welcome here, though some patrons do bring non-lycanthrope "invited guests". These invited guests are not always well recieved, especially if they happen to be vampires, as the lycanthropes are not fond of the "wyrm" and many packs are sworn to combat them. Should someone act out violently in the club, they are shown out rather roughly, on their first offense. On further counts of misbehavior, delinquents are thrown out through "the hole." Razvan does not look well on those who would use his club for plotting or as a rendezvous point for any reason. If anyone shows up for any reason he does not approve of, they will also be shown out by the bouncers, if he should find out about their conduct. Razvan is not a man who will allow anything to his name to be used to ill purpose.

Bloody Palace Nightclub

The gothic-industrial scene of London
Hours: 8 p.m.-4 a.m. Sunday-Friday; 8 p.m.-5 a.m. Saturday
Age: 21+
Cover: 6 Thursday-Saturday 4 Monday-Wedsday

Dress: Don't come trussed up in clothing from the Urban Outfitters next door. Though there's no strict code, the crowd leans toward the punk and gothic attire.

Vibe: As a mainstay of the city's gothic and industrial scene, Bloody Palace gives off what some might see as a discourteous, gruff exterior. Don't be fooled. As long as you come to hang out a have a few drinks and not stare at kids with facial piercings, it's a relatively welcoming environment.

Quick tour: The club's front door, situated at the end of a graffiti-soaked alley, is heavy and dark, two very fitting adjectives for the rest of the club. Inside, tabletop candles and a few lights, like the rotating Neon "Bloody Palace" logo that shines on the middle of the dance floor, provide dim illumination. Just make sure that your clothes are black-light friendly, or you might discover some awkward stains at an awkward moment. The terraced seating offers plenty of prime spots to perch. The dance floor is a slightly raised platform that cover about a 10X18 ft area set in the center of the club's main room. Drink prices are kept pretty low, and you only have to pay small cover Thursday, Friday and Saturday. With a 4 a.m. closing time - 5 a.m. on Saturdays - it's never too late to get a little mischievous. A horseshoe bar carved out of concrete, lined with televisions that are on a constant loop of cult films, with an adjacent fish tank, complete the interior.

Proprieters and Staff:
(All NPCs listed are available for play upon consent from GM *=Played Character)
The man that owns the club is *Maximus Sterling, and a regular patron. There are Three DJs, Casey Avagnon takes care of Punk Night, while "Blade" Givon spins on the other weeknights, she tends to favor Manson and Coal Chamber. Tiberious "Eksentrick" Baloam DJs weekends with favoritism on Slipknot and Cradle of Filth. Celene "Cherry" MacCleane Tends the bar on Weekends. Jacob "Mick" Dohorty Tends on Weekdays. Brandon Hughes, a rather imposing black man works as the doorman, bouncer, and "supernatural lookout" for Max. Dameon Jacoby, and Gabriel DesAvont are also bouncers for the club. *Matthias "Matt" Couture is a protrieter, book-keeper for the club, as well as an able bouncer should an ocasion call for an extra one.

Crowd: On many nights the tattooed and pierced form is the obvious majority, along with a few girls who look like they appeared in the movie The Craft and a few guys that really dig Robert Smith.

Claim to fame: Pumping out some of the city's darkest, most sinister industrial music in the heart of London.

Events: Monday Nights are Punk Night, and DJ Casey Avagnon spins anything from classic Sex Pistols and Red Hot Chili Peppers to The Offspring and Blink 182. And Twice a month, Max brings in a live band to perform, the most regular band being a rather well-known underground group called "Mechanical Freaks."

Rules of the Game: All races are welcome here, but, if you happen to be an immortal, don't come in with bloody fangs and blathering about who you've just killed. Max will have his bouncers take you out back, and kill you personally. He does not hold well with indiscreet, unlearned neonates and believes the world better off without them. If you do come in, blatantly displaying your vampiric/lycanthropic immortality, you've asked for a beating, if not death, so expect it in return for your actions. Violence is not tolerated in th Bloody Palace, and will be responded to by the banishment of the offender/s for an extended period of time with allowances.

Covenant Theatre

Location: Hammersmith Borough, London.
Theater Description: The theater has four stories, the one, 60 foot auditorium story below,the main floor's 13 foot story, which is accesses by a flight of wide stairs at the front, one 30 foot story above for the balcony, and the thirteen foot third story level above the balcony and main floor. Deep plum colored drapes cover the walls, faded but in fair condition, as are the stage curtains which are usually pulled back to reveal the deep, broad expanse of the stage. At the right and left wings of the stage, steps lead to red and gold carpeted floor. At either side of the stage is a rear exit door which opens to stairs, leading to another door, that opens outside into the rear parking lot. Side streets on either side of the lot lead to the front parking lot. The lots are brick. The rear lot is also closed in by buildings, old condemed warehouses, and a tall brick wall closes in the property on three sides, the facade side where the front lot is, opens to the street, which runs along the Thames River. In the lobby, the floor is tiled in turtle shell marble. The main doors are brass framed with brass pull-bar handles, the glass two inch thick lead cut with star prisms.
The Theater is a meeting place for talks among among the ancients, and a haven for any 'Ancient' who needs sanctuary. No human can trespass here unless in the company of a vampire or lycanthrope. There are wards on the Theater which ensure only non-human people can enter the place, and which also 'ejects' people who break the law of absolute truce of the Covenant.
Neutral Wards Placement: Commands are laid that trigger the powers of the Shadow-Realm and 'the Illusory Veil' to protect the theater and its boundaries as the area to be guarded. No human that is not in the company of a Lycanthrope, Vampire, or Demon can enter the Theater. If they attempted to, they will lapse right THROUGH it in a step through the shadows folds, which deliver them to a random place, whereby the trepasser will have a sudden lapse of memory loss concerning where they were and how they got to their present location. The commands are set as such that any individual who acted in a hostile, violent, or threatening manner to another on the Theater's property, would be seized by the powers the proprietor laid down, and conveyed through shadows folds to a random location in London outside the perimeters of his Theater's property. They might wind up on a street, in a park fountain, Buckingham palace, or in a restaurant, there was no telling. Surprises were always interesting. Now, anyone 'gated out' of the Sanctuary would also have a lapse of memory loss, not remembering ever approaching the theater, and being clueless as to how they got where they are.
On the floor, where the center aisle meets the stage floor, is a crimson circle of stone, with a black lion in the center, bearing the letters AXC beneath the lion, the personal signature of the vampire who warded the place. The seal is comprised of very hard stone which is impervious to breaking, scratching, or drilling, and the only method of destroying it is by word of its maker'smouth. The seal renders the wards permanent lest removed by him, or someone who knows HOW to break his seal.