Human Character Information

Numbers-Humankind's greatest of all advantages in life against the supernatural and ancient races, are their numbers.
The Human Equation-Because humans are mortal they will actually face death more readily and seize the moment with far greater deterimination than an immortal, to safeguard their own, to reach a goal, and to protect their liberty. This gives them a great advantage over many immortals. They are also adapt to change more readily than most immortals. 2 saves with +1 bonus, +5 Willpower, +2 on all defense rolls.
Organized Military and Police - The Military and Police protect their nations and people, and they have weapons which include tanks, choppers, jets, submarines, war ships, bombs etc.
Exceptions to the Rule - Some humans are very quick, others are unnaturally stealthy, some unnaturally agile, some very strong, and others, particulary Martial Artists, have all of these attributes because they have mastered internal and physical energy, motor control and control over their emotions. Some humans are extremely strong because they are built like bulldozers with hard, strapping muscle. There are humans with astounding intelligence as well, geniuses who by their sheer intelligence are protected from harm owed to no one wanting to destroy them. Also, there are humans who are very wise, who can talk their way out of many dangerous situations.
Common Humans - Ordinary, run of the mill humans have advantages over immortal enemies if they just act on them. They are safe in public places, as much from ancients as any other race who might prey on them, if they are targeted at all. The lunatics or fantatics who despise humans are really the only ones a character truly has to worry about attacking them for no good reason. Walking the streets in groups, with friends helps (whether PCs or NPCs) against randon attacks. Common humans can also pack devistating weapons, IF they know where to aim them and master them, and grenades and rocket launchers certainly come in handy for the Militant sorts don't they? Swords too are useful if they can be concealed, for they can lob off heads and swing around on any ancient coming out of a phase or shadows to attack. Passive people are often left alone, unless they are hunted for a feast. Passivity combined with innocence also acts as a negotiator of trouble. Forget crosses, holy water and prayers, fire is effective though (unless its a demon) as is common sense. Common sense saves more people than all of the above. Lastly, if a human has been exposed to the vampiric or immortal races enough, and gets in good with them, they can often get protection from those they know.

Shamans, Priests and Slayers: There are a rare few Shamans, Priests, and Slayers that belong to secret societies that possess valuable and little known occult knowledge that has been passed down to them over the centuries. They have the ability to fight vampires (sometimes demons), battle evil, but are very secretive about their occupations. They tend to be fanatics, though the Shamans are less fanatical and more reasonable. Shamans also work alone, rather than in orders and groups, nevertheless, the Shamans knowledge is no less formidable, if not more so owed to their close relationship to nature and spirits.

Resistance: People can learn to resist certain influences and aspects like heat, cold, dehydration, poisons, magic, charms, ect. Human resistance is a skill that is learned. See list below for types of resistance or customize your own.

Traits and Flaws.
More Common Traits: add +1 or -1 to checks or stats affected per point purchased. Each point is +500 xp, New Characters get 10 points free; each flaw is free and each -1 point pays for +1 trait point.
1-Quick Reflexes - Poor Reflexes (dexterity)
2-Stealth - Noisy (stealth)
3-Strength - Frailty (strength and health)
4-Intelligence - Lack of Intelligence (intelligence)
5-High Intelligence - Stupidity (intelligence, +3 or -3)
6-Genius - Mentally Challenged (intelligence, +5 or -5)
7-Perceptive - Unperceptive (perception)
8-20-20 vision - Poor Vision - Blindness (tag bonus onto perception check if sight is used)
9-Good Night Vision - Poor Night Vision (tag bonus onto perception check if sight is used)
10-Agile - Lumbering (dexterity)
11-Graceful - Clumsy (dexterity)
12-Quick Thinker - Brain Freezes (+1% or -1% chance of successful speculation)
13-Attentive - Absent Minded - Inattentive (+1% or -1% chance of remembering details)
14-Patient - Impatient (willpower)
15-Optimistic - Pessimistic (charisma)
16-Spirited - Lazy (charisma)
17-Good Morale - Suffers from Depression (+2 or -2 charisma)
18-Sound Mind - Insanity (all mental checks)
19-Logical - Illogical (intelligence)
20-Predictable - Unpredictable (+1% or -1% chance of catching someone offguard
21-Passive (-1), Hot Temper (-2), Aggressive (-3), Hostile (-4)(willpower vs. provocation)
22-Strong Will - Weak Willed (+2 or -2 willpower)
23-Vital (Long Life Span) (80-100) - Short Life Span (30-50)
24-Good Health (+50), Great Health (+100), Poor Health (-50), Diseased (-100)(health)
25-Good Sense of Direction - Poor Sense of Direction (+1% or -1% chance of finding way)
26-High Charisma - Poor Charisma (+5 or -5 charisma)
27-Wise - Unwise (+1% or -1% of having right answer)
28-Quick - Slow (movement)
29-Sound Logic - Twisted Logic (+2 or -2 intelligence)
30-Confident - Lack of Self-Confidence (willpower)
31-Courageous - Cowardly (+1% or -1% chance of running away from combat)
32-Ethical - Unethical (+1% or -1% chance of doing the most ethical thing)
33-Virtuous - Depraved (+2% or -2% chance of doing the most ethical thing )
35-High Stamina - Low Stamina (stamina)
36-Honorable - Dishonorable (+1% or -1% chance of keeping an oath or being loyal)
37-Loyal - Disloyal (+2% or -2% chance of keeping an oath or being loyal)
38-High Pain Tolerance - Low Pain Tolerance (willpower when faced with pain)
39-Attractive (+5), Unattractive (-5), Deformed (-8)(charisma)
40-Good Memory - Absent-minded (+1% or -1% chance of remembering something)
41-Realist - Self-deluded (intelligence)
42-Hard to Shake - Emotional (willpower)
43-Healthy Life Style - Bad Habits (specific) (+20 or -20 health, +10 or -10 lifespan)
44-Quick Reflexes - Slow Reaction Time (dexterity)
45-Long Life - Short Life Span (+20 or -20 lifespan)
46-Social - Friendly - Antisocial (charisma)
47-Alert - Unaware (+2 or -2 perception)
48-Quick Study - Poor Memory Retention (+10 XP or -10 XP per gain)
50-Intrepid - Paranoid (+10 or -10 willpower)
51-Forgiving (+2), Holds Grudges (-2), Unforgiving (-5)(chance of turning rival into ally)
52-Carefree - Austere (charisma)
53-Charming - Surly (+3 or -3 charisma)
54-Observant - Awareness - Inattentive (perception)
55-Empathy - Apathy (+10% or -10% chance of sending when someone is in trouble)
56-Compassionate - Cold Hearted (+10% or -10% chance of helping someone in trouble)
57-Selfless - Selfish (+10% or -10% chance of self sacrifice to help someone)
58-Healthy Immune System - Poor Immune System (chance of resisting disease)
59-Disease Resistance - Susceptible to Disease (chance of resisting disease)
60-Poison Resistance - Weakness to Poison (chance of resisting poison)
60-Learned Resistance (type?) - Acquired Susceptibility (type?) (chance of resistance (?)

Weaknesses: Mortality (start lifespan of 70), Vulnerable to Disease and Toxins (40% start chance of infection or poisoning when exposed to contagion and toxins). Take at least 3 more weaknesses from list.