Demon Kin

Levels 5-30

Information: Demon Kin are Half Demons with a human mother and a demon sire. They look human. They have human traits with added traits from their demon race. Strength-{+5}, Stamina-{+8}, Haste-{+10-mvm}, Fortitude-{5-Toughness}, Regeneration-{Level-10}, Quasi-Immortal-{they stop aging between 16-50 years of age as called, but mortal wounds kills them.} Ability to leap high and far (MA Level +10). Up to 30 spells, 1 spell per MA level, any path within alignment. Demon Kin can be any alingment but most are prone to the influences of demons and or devils.

Stats: Subrace + Demon Bonuses.

Arcane Paths: Any Path within alignment, 1 spell per MA level.

Classes: Any


    Ascension: if compelled to find their way into Acheron or the underworld of their father's pantheon; usually out of a need to seek their roots and to have questions answered, or rarely, out of resentment; demon kin will ascend into demons if they succeed in getting past the second level of the underworld they enter. Demon Kin may also become full fledged demon acolytes if they end up in Hell by their deeds, by pacts made with devils or demons, or by being sired.