Lycanthropic Lunar Orders

The astrology of the lycanthrope is based on the moon under which one is born. Many of these correspond to calendar months, but there are also signs for rare lunar occurences such as a blue moon.


Also known as "Grey Lords." Grey Lords are born in January under the Wolf Moon. They are born leaders, confident and level-headed.


Solus are rogues, born in February under the Trappers' Moon. They are loners, preferring to rely solely on themselves, they are very independant and often undependable.


Also known as "Warlords." Proeliators are born in March, under the Death Moon. They are strong-willed, and enjoy positions of leadership or authority. They are less stable and logical than the greylords, but they can make very good leaders. Intimidation is often among their skills, and are excellent warriors.


Also known as the "Investigators." Indoles are born in April under the Awakening Moon. Inquisitive and intelligent, Indoles make excellent scientists, strategists, and investigators. They are also known for their resourcefulness.


Ignavus are subordinate pack members. Born in May under the Planters' Moon, they are often lazy or apathetic, but given to creativity. They are often artists, and may be subject to vanity.


Servus are the underlings of the pack. Born in June under the Rose Moon. Passive and friendly, they are not suitable for positions of power.


Also known as "Shamans." Shamans are born in July, under the Hungry Ghost Moon. Philologus are explorers, of all lycanthrope, they are the closest to nature, and are full of the wonders and curiosities of nature. They are researchers, teachers, and explorers.


Also known as the "Agronomists." Born in August under the Harvest Moon. They are down-to-Earth, creative, and empathic. They appreciate the simpler things in life, and are often farmers, preferring to work with their hands.


Also known as "Hunters." Born in September under the Hunters' Moon. Venator are instinctive and clever. They are not always trustworthy, but take commitment seriously.


Also known as "Berserkers." Berserkers are born in October under the Blood Moon. While intelligent, berserkers are impetuous and willful. They are often unbalanced and untrustworthy. They are very combative and prideful.


Also known as "Watchers." Custos are born in November under the Dark Moon. They are secretive, cautious, and alert. They will often work in the field of covert operations, whether for intelligence gathering or assassinations.


Also known as "Wardens." Born in December under the Cold Moon, Impero are known for their sobriety and dominance.


Also known as "Jesters." Baltro are born under what is known as a Blue Moon. When a season contains four full Moons, the third is called a Blue Moon. This happens about once every two-and-a-half years. Baltro have a singular humor, and delight in irony. They are also naturally adept at manipulation, deception, and obfuscation.


Also known as the "Warrior Shamans." Ferocia are born under what is known as a Wraith Moon. This occurs when a month has no full moon. This happens in years with double Blue Moons, and only in February. Ferocia are very versatile. They are known for ambidexterity and skill at multitasking. They are always very intelligent and have great mental capacity.